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About Dunicot

Dunicot is an organization leading in providing the specialized and advanced information security and development services in order to secure the financial institutions and organizations, governance strategies, and public sensitive information. Our main intention is to obtain significant values by maintaining trust, integrity and equity with our customers. We at dunicot deal with the complex challenges to provide you a secure surfing internet.

We also aim high at being focused on our application development services. With the times changing, we are rapidly moving to the most advanced technologies to develop the first-class business web applications and mobile applications beyond your imaginations. The moment has come to bring your creative plans and ideas to your life.

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" We have validated the vulnerability you reported and are preparing to forward this report to the affected DoD system owner for resolution. Thank you for bringing this vulnerability to our attention! "

DoD VDP Team / U.S. Dept Of Defense


" We wanted to let you know that we’ve addressed the issue you identified. We’re pleased to recognize security researchers who work with us. "

Security Team / Sony


" We're going to treat it as a unique item. The teavana team is working to address this vulnerability and we'll be back in touch as soon as we have an update to share. "

BBP Team / Starbucks


" Thank you for identifying a security flaw related to our software. We appreciate it. "

Team / Recorded Future


" He is recognized for working for intel's responsible security disclosure process. "

Matt White - Investigation Manager / INTEL