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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Almost every software or application deals with the critical data or personal sensitive information of the users and the customers such as email addresses, social security numbers, credit card details, private social data of the users. A single security flaw in the system, software or application can uncover these protected information to a malicious attacker or hacker which will definetly result in a loss of reputation, financial damanges, and disruption to the business operations.

Dunicot offers a vulnerability assessment service, which will evaluate your system or application to expose the vulnerabilities and loop holes without their exploitation. An application level security vulnerability assessment is a excellent fit for the products during the development stages before they jump in the production. It can be effectively done in a test applications environment as well as in a released applications, both security vulnerability assessments and application penetration testing will help you improve overall security and eliminate the identified vulnerabilities.

We assess systems using vulnerability scanning tools and manual methods to identify and prioritize findings based on the criticality of system vulnerabilities. We scrub findings to eliminate false positives and prioritize risk, based on existing security controls for your environment. The Vulnerability Assessment looks for missing patches and existing vulnerabilities for each system. We use authenticated scans wherever possible to reduce false positives and improve accuracy.

Why Dunicot?

These certifications signify more than just recognition; they symbolize a pact of trust between us and our clients. By entrusting us with their security, our clients gain peace of mind, knowing their digital assets are safeguarded by a team that consistently proves its capabilities in the face of dynamic cyber challenges.

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