Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management solution can assist your company’s network to monitor and control your environment, enabling you to acknowledge the devices functioning in your network, assess their sensitivity to potential security threats and apply solutions to fix the essential problems. In that direction, you are able to dig out the root causes for the vulnerabilities to prevent and considerably reduce the threat effect on your organization’s network. Vulnerability Management can facilitate you gain greater return on investment when put into operation the right way.

Application Security

Web Proxy Tool like Burp Suite which is an advanced java based application which is mainly used to web penetration testing. Given it's modern features and technology, it has become the town matter and has gained tremendous popularity amongst the security professionals for identification of security vulnerabilities and verifying attacks for web based applications. Burp Suite Vulnerability Scanner provides you complete command over the testing process and associates manual techniques with the high-end automated ones, making it lot more effective and convenient.

In order to perceive the working in a simpler way, a security professional responsible for web security penetration testing will configure the browser to redirect traffic with the help of burp proxy which further behaves as a mediator by capturing and analyzing each and every request and response received from the web application. The requests can be paused and replayed, for analysis of particular injection points for better understanding the behavior of the messages and crashes.


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