Why Choose Us

Dunicot is an organization leading in providing the specialized and advanced information security and secure development services in order to secure the financial institutions and organizations, governance stratagies and public sensitive information.

Work Proficiency

The team of highly-proficient and experienced people in Dunicot work with proficiency and perfectionism. We use productive instruments to operate your projects and provides a criticality rating based on impact and business context in order to securely develop your organization.

Professional Squad

We have a professional team of information security geeks and secure developers that embodies competitive spirit and skills. Each of our team member has recognized with the top tech giants for helping identifying the vulnerabilities in their systems and applications.

Our Values

Dunicot advances customer triumph by providing unique great value security consultancy services and solutions, and technologies that match their critically important needs anytime and anywhere. We offer our service to small, medium and large companies all over the world that want to intelligently improve their information security.


We are independent! This gives us strength and determination in all our decisions. This is how we progress.


Our communication is all the way open and engaged, an essential factor for your security.


We do our best - that makes us unique. Our enthusiasm shows in each and everything we do.


Trust is the basis. From this strength great things happen. Together we achieve our goals.


Their passion for the mission, intellectual capital, and leadership ensure the success of our company.


We recognise our responsibility. That makes us the perfect partner in the security processes.


Get the specialized and variety of qualitative information security services.